Find Peace, And Everything will Fall Into Place


How many times have we allowed our ego to hold us hostage? How many times have we believed that once we have the perfect body, the perfect home, be in a perfect relationship, live a life devoid of stress and problems, then will we find peace and happiness? I’ve often found myself believing that and it seems like there is always something that is out of place at every moment in my life. If only my life is perfect, I will be the happiest person on earth. Sounds familiar?

I’ve come to a realization that it is the ego speaking. And believing the ego is what keeps me locked in my mind made reason, and the reason why happiness just seems so unattainable.

The spirit, however gives me a different perspective of how I can attain peace and true happiness. Finding peace often means having to make a conscious effort to be grateful for what we have, and staying in the moment. When we feel content and exude positive vibes, this will in turn attract positivity in our lives. Many a times when I re-calibrate my mind, by meditation or even just by plugged in with my happy music, i tend to smile a little more, view things and people a little more positively, and in turn, people around me react positively to me too. This is when i feel that things do really start falling into place. Of course it doesn’t mean that whatever happens will be what we have been hoping for, but it does make my mind a little calmer, and naturally makes me happier as a result.

Finding peace can be easy,  if we consciously make an effort to let go of the negative – the anger, fear, hatred in our lives. Live in the moment, count your blessings, be grateful, and peace will fall into place even without your realising it.




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